How Cheil Worldwide Led in Multi Platform Advertising

Leading Korean advertising agency Cheil Worldwide shows leadership in Multi Platform Advertising as it creates a “first of its kind” live streaming.

Customer Background

Cheil Worldwide Inc. is a global marketing and communications company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and operates 29 networks in 25 countries. It is South Korea's largest advertising agency and was ranked 19th in the world by Advertising Age for 2010. Cheil offers marketing communications services including advertising, public relations, sports marketing, exhibition and display production, as well as the production of large-scale performance events. Cheil also operates a Communication Sciences Institute that publishes trend reports on the South Korean advertising industry.

Internationally, Cheil has carried out communications campaigns for Samsung Electronics. 


Cheil is leveraging the Brightcove platform to deliver first of its kind live streaming video content to Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad, Android devices, and the Web.

As part of this, Cheil is also taking advantage of Inlet Technologies Spinnaker™7100 to encode live streams and push content to Adobe® Flash® Media Server and HTTP streaming servers of Shinsegae Information and Communications, a South Korean Content Delivery Network vendor.

Key Benefits

With the success of the first of its kind live streaming, this event has opened up a new world of opportunities for Cheil Worldwide’s employees. What had started out as a tool for education and training for the internal Cheil use has seen enthusiastic take up with the organization’s clients, including Samsung Electronics, to deploy it as the core of their digital strategy globally.

Business Challenge

Cheil Worldwide’s i-division hosted a conference with a panel of five distinguished social network marketing experts for internal Cheil employees to learn how a traditional ad agency can leverage social marketing in the era of multi platform advertising.

With staff of more than 70, the i-division is the digital marketing department of Cheil Worldwide and is leading the charge for Internet and social media advertising.

The i-division wanted to reach out to as many employees as possible and not be limited by a physical location as they have several office locations in South Korea. Live streaming of the event was an option that needed to be investigated. Cheil contacted James Yoon of Brightcove who worked with them to deliver the live streaming event.

Business Solution

Brightcove enabled Cheil to deliver the first of its kind live streaming for this event, making content accessible across Apple and Android mobile devices and on the Web.

Brightcove’s support engineers provided real-time support throughout the event to ensure that the live streaming went smoothly. As a result, the live event was a major success, with different Cheil departments asking for more meetings to understand how to leverage Brightcove for their client’s digital and mobile campaign.

Future Growth with Brightcove

Thanks to the success of the first live event, Cheil Worldwide has decided to leverage Brightcove for the global Samsung account, which is the agency’s key account. This underscores the organization’s confidence in Brightcove’s solution and support.

Cheil has also leveraged Brightcove to showcase a mobile e-learning platform at a recent Human Resource forum for the Samsung Group companies, further evidence of the effectiveness of the Brightcove platform.

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