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Context Aware Encoding
Context Aware Encoding

Reduce Video Costs with Context Aware Encoding

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Lower the cost of storing and streaming video with Brightcove's groundbreaking video compression technology.

Winner of Streaming Media Best of NAB 2018 & NewBay Media Best of Show 2018

Better Playback Performance at Lower Bitrates

Context Aware Encoding (CAE) uses machine learning and deep video analysis to achieve optimum quality for each video with the fewest bits necessary. Unlike other encoding solutions, CAE takes into account the broader context of the video experience creating a custom encoding profile tailored to the combination of each individual video’s content complexity and predicted viewing environment. The result: higher quality video that starts up faster and buffers less.

Reduce Storage and Delivery Costs by up to 50%

Using powerful algorithms, CAE analyzes each video individually and generates the optimal bitrate ladder. This process yields fewer and smaller renditions, which, in turn, means lower storage and delivery costs. For content owners managing hundreds of videos and millions of streams, CAE delivers compelling cost savings on both storage and bandwidth.

Streamline Video Workflow and Reduce Complexity

CAE is integrated directly into Video Cloud, allowing existing customers to adopt the service without any change to their workflow. Content owners can greatly reduce the complexity of their video operations with automatic per-title video optimization.
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