June 2, 2016  | 

 TV5MONDE - a global television network which broadcasts French language programmes - has leveraged Brightcove Video Cloud to power its Over-The-Top (OTT) video services, TV5MONDE+ Asie and TV5Monde+ Pacifique

May 11, 2016  | 

Low CPMs for video ads in Asia are driving experimentation with Netflix-like SVOD models there, according to Mark Blair, Brightcove’s newly-appointed EMEA VP.


April 20, 2016  | 

Accelerated mobile pages, more commonly known as AMP, will now be featured in Google's News section, the company said Wednesday. 

March 30, 2016  | 

Brightcove, the leading provider of cloud services for video, has announced that it has appointed Mark Blair as Vice President of EMEA where he will lead the company's Europe, Middle East, and Africa sales and marketing operations and will serve as a member of Brightcove's executive leadership team. Blair joins the EMEA region following standout success as Vice President of Asia-Pacific (APAC), where he drove business growth with high-visibility wins in OTT services, as well as with leading brands and enterprises that use video for digital marketing and communications.  

February 19, 2016  | 

Video cloud services company Brightcove has created a new way for video marketers to connect with viewers, by adding calls-to-action to its Brightcove Gallery. Read on to learn what this is and how it improves engagement.


December 11, 2015  | 

 First things first: What is interactive video? It’s any type of online video that includes some type of user-engaging feature, such as branching paths, viewer participation (in the form of quizzes or assessments, for example), or clickable areas or buttons.

November 23, 2015  | 

Video marketing is innately shareable, memorable, and emotional. It’s no surprise that video accounts for 64% of all web traffic, and is projected to reach 80% by 2019, according to ReelSEO.

October 27, 2015  | 

Brightcove Lift enables publishers, broadcasters, over-the-top (OTT) providers and other media companies to maximise video ad delivery and video ad revenue across mobile and desktop. Combining server-side ad insertion (SSAI) and an HTML5 player management service, Brightcove Lift defeats ad blockers while delivering TV-like ad experiences for viewers, client-side interactivity and integration with the industry's leading providers for reporting and analytics.


October 27, 2015  | 

 Brightcove has launched an ad optimisation solution which it promises will enable publishers, broadcasters and OTT providers to maximise video ad delivery and revenue, while defeating d blocker technology.

October 26, 2015  | 

To hear David Mendels tell it, advertisements are the Brussels sprouts of the Internet — they’re good for you, even if you can’t stomach them. So Mendels, chief executive of Boston Internet video company Brightcove Inc., plans to make you watch more online ads, whether you like them or not.