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Maximize the power of video, from live events for customers to on-demand training for remote employees anywhere in the world with a comprehensive and secure suite of tools backed by market-leading uptime.

Stay connected with your people using the power of video

For large businesses who need to connect with employees around the world, Brightcove Continuum provides a powerful toolkit to engage, manage and lead teams using the persuasive power of live video and video-on-demand.

Use powerful tools that elevate your video strategy

Stream town halls, create embeddable video galleries, conduct training for employees and host virtual events for any size viewership with a single video platform. Reach your audiences anywhere in the world by distributing content directly to their mobile devices.

Access a highly reliable video infrastructure that spans the globe

Brightcove’s unmatched reliability enables secure video workflows that easily scale to fit organizational strategies, and is backed by an award-winning, around-the-clock support team.

Deploy your video strategy with rigorous data security built-in from the start

Brightcove Continuum brings together security options that serve your strategic needs. Unlike other solutions on the market, Continuum is highly scalable, quick to deploy, and enforces secure access to video content automatically.

Translate your video views to business value with powerful analytics

Get valuable insights by collecting user-level video engagement data that lets you see who’s viewing, which videos get watched, how long they played, the total number of views, and who responded to your calls-to-action.

Powerful mobile and web app included

Deliver video communications straight to your employees mobile devices and desktops with the simple, powerful Engage app. Upload and organize your videos, set up your corporate branding and single sign-on, and then share the app with your employees.

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