On the topic of "How to Make Money with Online Video"

Brightcove 2/8/2010

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan of WatchMojo has published an interesting take on how to make money with online video over on TechCrunch.

I think that, Ashkan is on target with his core point. At the end of the day, having control over the talent to produce compelling content is a real advantage.  As the pendulum swings between hyper distribution and pay wall access to premium content, he who has the rights to the best content is always going to come out on top in the end.

One of the things that I think Ashkan has missed here is the imporant concept that success in media is about assembling and monetizing an audience at least as much as it is about assembling content. Of course, both are required to succeed, but I think that not enough attention is paid to segmentation, targeting, community building, and brand building. These are a few of the essential building blocks for gathering a valuable audience, and that is essential to building value in media.

Given the title, I thought it was interesting that Ashkan only dedicated a couple of sentences to the usage of video outside of ad supported media use cases. The rise of video in general Web marketing scenarios including B2C marketing, B2B marketing, and e-commerce is a really key trend that people are only recently beginning to follow in earnest.  Tens of thousands of organizations are  on the path to producing millions of  minutes of video that brings their organizations, their products, their services, and their causes to life. None of this content will be "monetized" in the conventional sense of the word, but nearly all of it will be designed and delivered to make money on the web.

Because executing a video powered web marketing strategy can be a little complex to do on your own, more and more organizations are turning to an online video platform vendor for help. This is one of the key things driving our business these days, and it's really exciting.