Tech Talk

Brightcove Players - Planning For Failure

At Brightcove we use Amazon S3 as part of our video player delivery, publishing and player management solutions - and rightfully so as it’s a leader in the space and delivers great performance. Great performance does not make it infallible, however.


You may have heard that there are changes to autoplay coming on Apple Safari and Google Chrome and are interested to know more.

New Brightcove Player Error Codes

Version 5.22.0 of the Brightcove Player introduces additional error codes. In the context of our video player, errors are conditions where playback cannot proceed, and getting started again requires some action outside the player itself.

Hackweek Spring 2017

Coming up next week is Brightcove’s 8th Hackweek. At Hackweek, all engineers take breaks from their regular sprint to work on something new and different.

Feature Spotlight: Advanced Plugins

Note: Advanced plugins are being introduced in Video.js 6.0 / Brightcove Player 6.0 and are only supported from that version forward. If you've been a Video.js user for a while, you're likely familiar with the concept of plugins: functions that become methods of any player you create. I