Tech Talk

Generate Short Links to your Players in the Video Cloud Studio

Today we released a feature in the Media Module that allows you to generate a shortened URL to your Brightcove player or email landing page. When you publish a video to Web or Email, a button is now available that allows you to shorten the preview URL. This will create a nicely formatted, shortened URL that can be used to share the video.

Social Video: A Mega Trend That Needs Mega Tools

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described video as a ‘mega trend’. I agree with the idea that social video is at an inflection point. There is a steady stream of innovation in the technologies used to produce, distribute, and watch videos on social networks.

Mobile SDKs: Serving Videos Natively in Custom Apps

Mobile SDKs: Serving Videos Natively in Custom Apps

In my most recent post, DRM: How to Protect Your Video Content, I concluded with a promise to cover more online video security topics. After deeper thought, I decided to cover how the Brightcove software development kits (SDKs) can be used to easily render your videos in a mobile app.