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Introducing Thumbcoil

A transmuxer takes media contained in some file format, extracts the raw compressed video and audio from inside (a process called demuxing) and repackages the compressed data into another format (termed remuxing) without performing any re-compression. In the Beginning While building Mux.js - the transmuxer at the heart of videojs-contrib-hls - we...

Video Transcoding, Dynamic Ingest, and APIs: An Overview

Video Transcoding, Dynamic Ingest, and APIs: An Overview

Welcome to the second post of a technical-focused series of articles. We previously discussed the flexibility of the Brightcove player, supplying examples of how you can customize the HTML5 online video player for your needs. In this article, we’ll be talking transcoding and the benefits of Dynamic Ingest (DI).

The End of "HTML-First"

When video.js was first released all the way back in 2010, Flash was the only way to play video in Firefox, IE, and the Android browser. And when you could use HTML video, it was really complicated to get right and broken in all sorts of scenarios (live streaming, anyone?).