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Integrate Video Into Your Email Campaigns Using the Media Module

Adding video to your emails has proven to increase both open and click-through rates. Video Cloud now allows you to quickly and easily create emails featuring compelling video images. In the Media Module, you can create a poster image of your video with a play button overlay that is ready to copy and paste into your email message.

Brightcove Player 6 Alpha

Last year saw a number of coincidental events. Microsoft ended support for older versions of its Internet Explorer browser. We saw multiple updates to Google Chrome restricting its allowance of Flash embeds.

SHA/SSL encryption is changing: What you need to know

One of the web’s most popular cryptographic algorithms, SHA-1, will cease to work on much of the web at the end of this month when major providers including Akamai, Google and Microsoft cease to recognize the encryption certificates. SHA-1, which has facilitated secure connections between devices and web servers since the early 1990s, has be...