Tech Talk

This video crashed the player after 19 seconds

In any complex software, bugs exist, and when working on a large project you encounter them on a regular basis. The more memorable and interesting ones are the ones that have a simple cause, presenting in unusual and sometimes bizzare ways. This bug started with a single video causing a player to crash.

Player delivery improvements for A/B testing

The Problem New versions of the Brightcove Player are released all the time with the most up-to-date technologies in order to provide best playback experience. In order to get real-time analytics for new changes to the player, Brightcove runs A/B comparison tests to preview the impact of these changes.

Deprecation of Twitter @mentions in Brightcove Social

In an effort to control the bad behavior of some Twitter users — particularly those who use social media applications to spam and bully — Twitter has instituted new policies, and deployed automated systems to detect and enforce these policies. One policy states that an application will be terminated if the monitoring system detects the...