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Feature Spotlight: Advanced Plugins

Note: Advanced plugins are being introduced in Video.js 6.0 / Brightcove Player 6.0 and are only supported from that version forward. If you've been a Video.js user for a while, you're likely familiar with the concept of plugins: functions that become methods of any player you create. I

Feature Spotlight: Middleware

Middleware is one of the cool new features that is coming to Video.js in version 6.0 With middleware, you are now able to interact with and change how the player and the tech talk to each other. The tech is Video.js's abstraction from the player, separating the player API from the playback technology.

Important Changes for DRM in Chrome

Chrome will be removing the capability to play back DRM content on insecure origins in version 58, which is scheduled to begin rollout April 25th, 2017. In this context, an insecure origin is any page loading over HTTP instead of HTTPS.

Video Marketing Mentors: Integrating Video With Your Tech Stack

Video Marketing Mentors: Integrating Video With Your Tech Stack

Editor’s Note: This blog was published previously June 6th, 2017 as part of a 1:1 Conversations content series on the Oracle Marketing Cloud Blog. It has since been updated with new content and videos. When I was a wee pup in executive communications, I produced videos for the CEO and COO to use at external and internal events.

Generate Short Links to your Players in the Video Cloud Studio

Today we released a feature in the Media Module that allows you to generate a shortened URL to your Brightcove player or email landing page. When you publish a video to Web or Email, a button is now available that allows you to shorten the preview URL. This will create a nicely formatted, shortened URL that can be used to share the video.