Tech Talk

Hackweek #11 Recap

In early June, Brightcove hosted its yearly Hackweek consisting of more than 70 teams from our offices around the world in our first-ever 100% remote event.

Architecture Reviews at Brightcove

We believe in continuous improvement at Brightcove. That applies to more than just ourselves and our software: it also applies to our processes. Recently, a group of us got together to talk about how our architecture review process was working for us and decided to give it a refresh.

SSAI Plugin changes in 6.9.0

The Brightcove SDK v6.9.0 was released on October 22, 2019, and it includes several changes (as seen in the release notes). But in this post I want to talk specifically about the changes to the SSAI plugin, particularly the added support for Live SSAI. Live SSAI overview What is Live SSAI?

Hack Week X Recap

During our yearly Hack Week event, Brightcove engineering teams from around the world join forces to build new potential product features—and creative solutions that may involve an entirely new line of products.