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Tech Talk

Hackweek #11 Recap

In early June, Brightcove hosted its yearly Hackweek consisting of more than 70 teams from our offices around the world in our first-ever 100% remote event.

Architecture Reviews at Brightcove

We believe in continuous improvement at Brightcove. That applies to more than just ourselves and our software: it also applies to our processes. Recently, a group of us got together to talk about how our architecture review process was working for us and decided to give it a refresh.

SSAI Plugin changes in 6.9.0

The Brightcove SDK v6.9.0 was released on October 22, 2019, and it includes several changes (as seen in the release notes). But in this post I want to talk specifically about the changes to the SSAI plugin, particularly the added support for Live SSAI. Live SSAI overview What is Live SSAI?