Monetizing your content with OTT Flow

Media & Monetization 10/19/2016

As we continue the OTT blog series, let’s take a look  at how Brightcove OTT Flow powered by Accedo, our award-winning turnkey OTT solution, maximizes the value of your content.  As we explored in an earlier post, by choosing to take your content over-the-top, you have already chosen to extend the reach of your content by distributing on the platforms that allow your viewers to consume your content when and where they want.  The next phase of your OTT strategy is to consider how you want to monetize your content.

Whether you choose to monetize with advertising (AVOD), subscriptions (SVOD), or both, OTT Flow provides the features and functionality to get to market and start monetizing your content quickly.  For short form and non-premium content, an AVOD model is a common method for monetizing.  OTT Flow supports Google’s Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) ad serving platform via the Interactive Media Ads (IMA) plugin.  The VAST compliant plugin allows you to deliver pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads via DFP and/or any VAST compliant ad tag (e.g., Freewheel, Tremor, or StickyAds).  

For long-form and premium content, an SVOD model is a common way to build an OTT subscriber base and monetize content.  However, not all SVOD services are the same and not all SVOD service providers are equal.  Factors to consider when evaluating an SVOD service include:

  1. Subscriber Management: Integration with your existing subscriber database; subscriber dashboard and reports to manage users and reduce churn.
  2. Flexible Subscription models: Subscription activation on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  3. Promotion support: Video metering, trial periods, coupons per subscription model, subscriber campaigns, flexible discount models.
  4. Paywall support: Support for local/region specific payment gateways via a secure (SSL), PCI DSS compliant transaction process.

OTT Flow leverages technology from Cleeng, a global leader in subscription management and monetization services, which ensures Brightcove is delivering a market-leading SVOD solution with OTT Flow.  Through the integration with Cleeng, OTT Flow supports SVOD, PPV, video rental transactions, and electronic sell through (EST) across 19 currencies and 180 payment methods. It also provides a subscriber dashboard allowing you to manage and monitor subscriber activity in combination with video and application consumption, providing a complete 360-degree view of your OTT service.

Combining AVOD and SVOD modes is becoming increasingly common.  Scenarios include ad-supported content alongside “locked” content that is accessed via a subscription.  Advanced models will remove ads from ad-supported content once a subscription has been authenticated.  

OTT Flow provides a comprehensive AVOD and SVOD solution to enable you to deliver the most flexible service that best fits your content including promotion and discount models as well as payment gateways that allow you easily reach new subscribers in new regions.  The combination of OTT Flow video, application, and subscriber analytics provides complete insight into how and where your content is being consumed and how effective your advertising is, along with critical subscriber activity allowing you to define and measure your key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize content delivery and manage subscriber churn.