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Generate Short Links to your Players in the Video Cloud Studio

Today we released a feature in the Media Module that allows you to generate a shortened URL to your Brightcove player or email landing page. When you publish a video to Web or Email, a button is now available that allows you to shorten the preview URL. This will create a nicely formatted, shortened URL that can be used to share the video.

Integrate Video Into Your Email Campaigns Using the Media Module

Adding video to your emails has proven to increase both open and click-through rates. Video Cloud now allows you to quickly and easily create emails featuring compelling video images. In the Media Module, you can create a poster image of your video with a play button overlay that is ready to copy and paste into your email message.

Why You Should Be Using The New Video Cloud

Why You Should Be Using The New Video Cloud

Following the announcement of the new Video Cloud Studio 12 months ago, we’ve added lots of additional features, functionality, and enhancements to it. We have received great feedback from many customers who have already made the move to the new UI. Today, over 50% of Video Cloud user sessions are going through the new Studio.