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David LaPalomento's Posts

New Brightcove Player Error Codes

Version 5.22.0 of the Brightcove Player introduces additional error codes. In the context of our video player, errors are conditions where playback cannot proceed, and getting started again requires some action outside the player itself.

Important Changes for DRM in Chrome

Chrome will be removing the capability to play back DRM content on insecure origins in version 58, which is scheduled to begin rollout April 25th, 2017. In this context, an insecure origin is any page loading over HTTP instead of HTTPS.

The End of "HTML-First"

When video.js was first released all the way back in 2010, Flash was the only way to play video in Firefox, IE, and the Android browser. And when you could use HTML video, it was really complicated to get right and broken in all sorts of scenarios (live streaming, anyone?).