Condé Nast Japan Scores 50 Percent Increase in Video Views With Brightcove

Every month, 2.6 million unique visitors land on the website for Vogue Japan seeking out videos highlighting the latest in women’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends. For example, “From Wake Up To Makeup With Jessica Alba” follows the actress-turned-business mogul from her 5:00AM wake-up call to her post-workout routine. Another, “The History of the Little Black Dress,” takes viewers on a 100-year journey of the wardrobe essential. With more than 38 million page views every month, Vogue Japan has proven to be the country’s most popular media brand among women.

Similarly, GQ Japan reigns as the country’s number-one male fashion media brand; its website draws 23 million page views and 1.6 million unique visitors each month. And much like Vogue Japan, GQ Japan boasts a varied collection of video content focusing on men’s fashion, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle. Videos teach viewers helpful tips for rainy day dress or highlight ten of the most popular hairstyles for men. Together, Vogue Japan and GQ Japan claim an impressive catalog of videos and ad inventory.

To boost video content and views, parent company Condé Nast Japan created a third business division focused entirely on video, joining the publisher’s two existing divisions, print and digital media. The company then appointed Kiyo Fujishiro to lead the new business. Together, they made it a goal to build the video division as a major revenue generator for Condé Nast Japan.

Overall, the company’s top priority was to increase the volume of digital video for both Vogue and GQ, Condé Nast Japan’s two biggest brands. By developing engaging, entertaining video assets for both titles, the company sought to accomplish several key business goals: (1) boost brand visibility and audience engagement across all digital channels, (2) build brand-loyal viewership, and (3) draw influential advertisers to Condé Nast Japan’s growing collection of ad inventory.

In order to build the new business division, initiate video production, and increase traffic and audience engagement for Vogue and GQ Japan, Condé Nast partnered with Brightcove, implementing its video platform to support the publisher’s latest business initiative. It was the ideal solution for several reasons.

First, Brightcove’s industry-leading video transcoding technology is a crucial feature for Condé Nast’s multi-channel distribution. Condé Nast Japan can upload a video onto the platform, and Brightcove generates multiple renditions for optimal playback across any device and distribution channel, regardless of resolution or connection speed. For two brands that attract a majority of their traffic from mobile devices, Vogue and GQ Japan can rely on Brightcove’s technology to deliver exceptional viewing quality, every time.

“In Japan, mobile is very important. It constitutes the majority of traffic to GQ Japan alone,” says Fujishiro. “So we’re very much focused on the mobile user experience.”

Second, the video platform supports integrated solutions, like Brightcove Social. The social module makes it easy to publish video across various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, all from a single location. Both Vogue and GQ Japan boast highly active social viewership on Facebook and Line, so Brightcove Social allows Condé Nast Japan to quickly and seamlessly distribute optimized content for those two channels.

Third, the Brightcove platform supports various technology integrations, including one with video personalization engine IRIS.TV. IRIS.TV automates streaming of personalized content based on audience preferences, interaction, and behavioral segmentation. Therefore, viewers of Vogue or GQ-related content can get access to even more engaging and relevant videos similar to their individual tastes, which increases the likelihood of audience engagement.

In the two months following the adoption of the Brightcove platform, Condé Nast Japan reported a 50 percent increase in video views for Vogue and GQ Japan, achieving a 60 percent view rate for both brands. Taking advantage of the growing viewership and increased engagement, the company also increased its pre-roll ad inventory to draw influential advertisers and boost ad revenue.

“Because of the view rate increase with the Brightcove player, we can actually offer better pre-roll advertising for clients,” says Fujishiro. “Next year, I’d like to double that inventory, which will clearly have an even bigger impact on our ad revenue.”


To learn more about Condé Nast Japan and its growing video business, read the case study here.

Note: This initiative/collaboration is for the Japanese market with Condé Nast Japan.