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What A Catch! Australian Streaming Service FishFlicks Increases Video Viewing Time By 150%

What A Catch! Australian Streaming Service FishFlicks Increases Video Viewing Time By 150%

Premium content, superior viewing experience, and on-demand access — this is the holy trinity for online subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) providers looking to cut through an increasingly cluttered market, and attract and retain a loyal audience base.

The opportunity for SVOD providers to reach audiences has never been greater, with
49 per cent of Australian households paying for either SVOD or subscription TV, and 11 per cent paying for both. At the same time, audience expectations are constantly rising. Consumers want high quality viewing, a seamless user experience, and most importantly, they demand 24/7 access to content. Having a provider robust enough to handle unpredictable levels of traffic is critical to the success of every SVOD provider.

Something Fishy…

FishFlicks, an online SVOD service, launched as a direct response to the rise in recreational fishing and the growing trend of Australians moving to online streaming services. It offers recreational fishers, hunters, and 4x4 enthusiasts access to more than 1,300 videos to meet subscribers viewing appetites. ‘How to’ categories and product videos help viewers stay up to date on the latest gear, hot spots, trends, and more.

Prior to using Brightcove Gallery, FishFlicks relied on a customized video website developed by an external agency. However, after some time, the platform became clunky, and user experience  issues became more frequent.

In 2016, the issues with its legacy website became worse, diminishing the overall viewer experience. The problem reached a tipping point when the website crashed on several occasions during peak traffic times over the weekends. For an SVOD provider whose entire offering is online video, this wasn’t acceptable.

FishFlicks was already relying on
Brightcove Video Cloud as a hosting and publishing platform for all its video content. Knowing the flexibility of the Brightcove platform, the FishFlicks team knew it could leverage it as an interim replacement for its old website technology. FishFlicks quickly decided to move videos off its website to Brightcove Gallery, while the in house web team got to work developing a new, customized website.

Keeping It Reel

One of the key requirements for the new video solution was a fast deployment that wouldn’t interrupt viewing. Thanks to the simplicity of contract negotiation, Gallery’s SaaS hosting, and its integration with Brightcove Video Cloud, the new pages were up and running overnight.

With Brightcove Gallery’s customisable templates and styles, the end product had the same look and feel as the previous pages, and the user experience wasn’t disrupted in any way. In addition, Brightcove Gallery’s simple and user-friendly interface also meant anyone in the FishFlicks team could manage, upload, and update content quickly and easily, regardless of their development skills and experience.

Brightcove Gallery saved the day for the FishFlicks team. Even better, the team experienced a 150 percent increase in video viewing time after deploying Brightcove Gallery.

FishFlicks has now transitioned to its new custom website and continues to use Brightcove Video Cloud in the backend to manage and host its video offering. The company also has plans to develop native smart TV apps and implement an offline DRM solution, allowing subscribers to watch content whenever and wherever they want, without the need for an internet connection.  

To learn more about FishFlick’s success with
Brightcove Gallery, read the full case study here.


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