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Live Stream Transforms CruiseTV, Driving Engagement and Reach

Live Stream Transforms CruiseTV, Driving Engagement and Reach

Every April, crowds of people touch down in sunny South Florida—no, not for spring break, but to attend the annual Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) conference, Cruise360. CLIA, the world’s largest cruise industry trade association, hosts the yearly event, bringing together travel professionals, cruise line representatives, and industry leaders and  suppliers for a week’s worth of networking and professional development. Packed with informational sessions and guest speakers, the conference is more than an entertaining affair; it’s a way for participants to advocate for the common interests of the cruise community.

In 2015, to supplement the event, CLIA launched CruiseTV, a video-centric multimedia platform featuring event footage and educational content for remote audiences. With the additional resource, CLIA hoped to drive engagement among travel agents, providing learnings on how to better sell and service the needs of 24 million cruise passengers each year. Combined, efforts from the live event and CruiseTV channel would most certainly help increase brand awareness. But CLIA needed that one spark to get it moving. Enter: WorkerBee.TV.

With the help of WorkerBee.TV, the go-to video solutions company for professional trade associations, CLIA was able to supercharge its video efforts, enhancing association brand value and increasing opportunities for monetization. How did they do it? The WorkerBee.TV team leveraged the power of Brightcove’s Video Cloud to deliver a high-quality viewing experience for all viewers across every device. 

The WorkerBee.TV business model is as strategic as its services. The company serves professional trade associations and their respective members, collaborating with these customers to deliver highly-curated video solutions designed to meet their specific needs. In the case of CLIA, the group had three key goals: (1) provide exclusive Cruise360 access to association members unable to attend the conference; (2) boost engagement among all conference participants in order to enhance career opportunities, income, and client satisfaction; and (3) secure sponsorships to help offset video service costs. With its customer-first mindset, WorkerBee.TV designed the perfect plan and carried out all of CLIA’s requirements.

WorkerBee.TV President Dan Stevens and Director of Marketing John Heppenstall explain the company’s configurable business model: “It starts with our customer’s objectives around member, association, and financial goals. We help create a content strategy that’s then shaped to meet all three of these goals. An association often needs to be 100% cost neutral—or even better, profitable—on their video investments. In the case of CLIA, that’s done through sponsorship of the daily conference live streams and programming.”

WorkerBee.TV relied on Brightcove to handle the technical aspects of live streaming Cruise360 to global audiences across CruiseTV. Better yet—WorkerBee.TV also managed to cover the cost of production by supplying corporate sponsors for pre-, mid-, and post-roll advertisements. Finally, the team repurposed the livestream content into smaller video on demand (VOD) assets for both the CLIA site and the CruiseTV portal. In the end, WorkerBee.TV succeeded in transforming CLIA’s Cruise360 from a 5-day event to a year-round resource for the association.

Each year, CLIA continues to grow in viewership among the global cruise community, which goes to show just how powerful video is. Through the Brightcove-powered CruiseTV channel, members are able to access its Knowledge Center, Cruise Line Member Videos, relevant event information, and industry updates—all of which would be non-existent without the help of WorkerBee.TV.

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