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How Foxtel Live-streamed the Most Hyped Boxing Bout of the Year

How Foxtel Live-streamed the Most Hyped Boxing Bout of the Year

Finding new ways to engage with viewers while providing a superior experience every time has been a huge focus for broadcasters in recent years. With the influx of content and viewing choices, sticking to the same traditional methods of delivery just won’t cut it. At Brightcove, we’re seeing more broadcasters rethink their offerings to uncover new ways to deliver content. Whether that’s by extending the viewing experience of a VOD service on Google Chromecast or offering new content to appease consumers’ appetite.

But delivering content seamlessly across platforms and devices needs to be done without compromising the viewing experience. That’s why Foxtel recently partnered with Brightcove to live stream the biggest boxing event in history which saw Floyd Mayweather square off in the ring against Conor McGregor.

As part of the company’s wider business strategy to extend its content offerings to more Australians, Foxtel worked closely with the Brightcove Global Services team to create a customised solution built on Brightcove Live. The solution meant that for the fight, anyone could sign up and buy a ticket, making the Pay-Per-View (PPV) event available to all Australians online, including those without an ongoing Foxtel subscription.

Brightcove’s Global Services team managed the entire project from start to finish alongside partner, Cleeng. Brightcove provided the live stream of the match, while Cleeng supported with the pay-per-view ticket sales, end-user customer support and content protection, including watermarking to mitigate piracy.

Together, Brightcove and Cleeng were able to deliver to Foxtel a high-scale online platform that was ready to stream a major live event with the technical and business expertise and performance major media organisations expect. It was one of the first major projects the consulting team had launched to market since starting in Australia earlier this year. And the event’s success pays testament to the importance of having these services available in the region. The ability to offer bespoke solutions and taking a tailored approach, ensures that media organisations such as Foxtel can maximise the benefits of the Brightcove platform while also extending audience reach and increasing revenue.

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