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“Let’s Celebrate How Far We’ve Come In Video”

I sat down with Vijay Solanki, chief executive officer of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in Australia, at the Brightcove office in Sydney. Reflecting on his first 12 months as CEO of the IAB, Vijay provides insight around current trends and challenges across the video advertising landscape.

Some of the key topics we covered included how video is taking a leading role in the advertiser’s tool box, how user experience is key and the importance of measurement of ad ROI and effectiveness.

After sitting down with advertisers, agencies, media owners, and technology companies, Vijay states there is a clear picture that transcends all segments, which is that digital has grown into the leader in advertising dollars, however, that hasn’t come without some challenges.

While there are still challenges, Vijay highlighted that as an industry, we should celebrate how far we’ve come in video. As a member of the IAB’s Video Advertising Council, and Brightcove’s  commitment to help media organisations solve their video advertising challenges, we can only agree.

Tune in to get all of the IAB’s insights on an industry that’s continuing to experience growth.