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TV5Monde Delivers French Content to Millions in Asia-Pacific

What started as a niche content offering, back in 1996, has transformed into a powerful global TV network with a combined 70 million subscribers across cable, satellite and OTT in Asia. TV5MONDE started its OTT journey in Japan in 2005 offering French entertainment content as a web-based service. Over the years, the company continued to see the demand for French language content rise through one key market indicator, the increase in its subscriber base. This propelled TV5MONDE to capitalize on the growing interest among locals and French speaking expatriates living across the Asia Pacific region to launch an OTT service to extend its content across iOS, Android, and connected TVs.  

Taking advantage of the shift in the way audiences are consuming TV content, TV5MONDE has transformed its niche French content offering into an OTT service available across connected devices, accessible anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region, thanks to the advances in online video technology powered by Brightcove.

Scaling Content with Fewer Resources

TV5MONDE successfully launched three live channels, two linear services and a VOD offer on their TV5MONDE+ Asie OTT platform, running on Brightcove Video Cloud. TV5MONDE initially started with the live channels featuring multi-thematic content due to viewer demand. One of the most popular offer on the service is geared toward children’s content. Before TV5MONDE launched it, families often struggled to find good French video content to help their children learn the culture and language. With over one billion people and sizable audience segment below the age of 15 in the Asia-Pacific region, TV5MONDE saw a lot of potential for growth.  

“The Brightcove system is very flexible and scalable to help fuel our future growth. We are saving a lot of time in the way we’re working,” said Alexandre Muller, managing director for Asia Pacific, TV5MONDE. “With limited number of resources available to devote time to the OTT projects, Brightcove is a great partner helping us to launch our offering in just a few months. In addition to the web service, our OTT service is a great add on for our existing subscribers, and an attractive one to potential subscribers.”

TV5MONDE has been at the forefront of the video revolution for years. In regards to the future of video, Muller added “I’m very excited for the future of video in general, not only for TV5MONDE. We’re living in a very interesting time with endless possibilities. We see different options coming into the region, particularly China where there is extensive growth. This is why we are in such an excellent position, we need to have a lot of flexibility. Whereas on cable and traditional TV, it's been the same thing for the past 20 years.”

Reduce the Complexity of OTT