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Premium Foreign Dramas Now Available from Walter Presents - Powered by Brightcove

Premium Foreign Dramas Now Available from Walter Presents - Powered by Brightcove

In today’s “Golden Age” of television, Walter Iuzzolino has a job most TV fans dream about. A former TV executive who is passionate about great content, Iuzzolino has created “Walter Presents,” a new SVOD service that streams his recommendations on the best television dramas from around the world. This joint venture from UK’s Channel 4 and Global Series Network is available on Web, iPhone, Android, Apple TV, and Roku for $6.99 a month. The dramas currently available from Walter Presents include Valkyrien (Norway); Spin (France): and Flight HS13 and Black Widow (Netherlands). Each season will be made available in its entirety and ad-free, allowing viewers to watch their favorites and explore new series. Each month, the service will premiere two new award winning series with accompanying editorial content online.

Get to Market Quickly + Focus on Content
Media companies large and small are under more pressure than ever to get to market quickly in today’s high-growth, competitive OTT market. We were delighted that Walter Presents chose Brightcove OTT Flow - powered by Accedo for its ability to reduce the cost and complexity of delivering a high quality OTT service across multiple devices, while accelerating the time to market. The combination of a turnkey, rapidly deployable solution with the industry experience of Brightcove, Accedo and Cleeng enabled the team at Walter Presents to focus on providing the best content and experience for their users and trust that the technology, user experience, and monetization were covered. With OTT Flow, Walter Presents is able to leverage three industry-leading platforms; Brightcove Video Cloud, Accedo App Grid and Cleeng, providing pre-integrated, best-of-breed video management, application management and subscriber management services.

In six weeks, starting in early February of this year, the project team of Walter Presents and Brightcove launched a premium subscription service across web, iOS, Android, tvOS and Roku.  The service included in-app purchasing, episodic content management, and a set of platform specific subscriber conversion features to better understand the user acquisition funnel. And they did this without a single engineer on the Walter Presents team! For a content company like Walter Presents, the money saved on technology can go straight to their content budget, resulting in more great shows for their viewers.

OTT Flow Update
We launched OTT Flow just over a year ago at NAB and continue to be thrilled with the reception the product is getting from media companies around the world. A turnkey, cost-efficient solution that enables companies to accelerate time to market, provide a great viewing experience, and contribute quickly to the bottom line is clearly solving a pain point for both established and new media brands. Walter Presents joins a growing list of media organizations and brands launching services on OTT Flow, including:

  • Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, the top non-fiction channel in Asia Pacific
  • Omnia Media, a subsidiary of Blue Ant Media, an animated gaming channel 
  • XLrator Media, which, through its service XLTV, offers over 100 hours of feature film programming on five curated channels

At Brightcove, we are committed to help media companies dramatically improve viewing experiences, increase video revenues by up to 50 percent and reduce costs associated with online video by up to 50 percent. OTT Flow, which enables media organization like Walter Presents to rapidly deploy high-quality live and on-demand video across platforms with no up-front development costs, addresses all three of these objectives. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about how we can help your company achieve these goals.


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