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Important Changes for DRM in Chrome

Chrome will be removing the capability to play back DRM content on insecure origins in version 58, which is scheduled to begin rollout April 25th, 2017. In this context, an insecure origin is any page loading over HTTP instead of HTTPS. After this update, a MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED error will be displayed if you attempt to load a DRM protected video on a page loaded over HTTP.

All Brightcove Players already support HTTPS automatically page because they use protocol-relative URLs in their embed codes. To make sure you're ready for the update, double-check that all of your players that may load DRM protected content are hosted on pages loaded over HTTPS and aren't iframed into non-HTTPS environments. For more details on the rationale behind the removal and the schedule of the update, see the Intent to Remove announcement on the blink developer mailing list.