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Valnet Entices Movie Buffs and Pop Culture Addicts with Video

Everyone likes movies - adults, kids, angsty teens. But there’s a certain group of people that takes this fondness to a whole new level. These individuals are commonly referred to as cinephiles. Common traits include: holding the longest winning streak for movie trivia night, staying seated in a theater until the credits roll through, and naming one’s cats Kubrick and Spielberg. Also, Cinephiles are known to frequent the website ScreenRant, the go-to source for movie and TV news.

ScreenRant boasts three million subscribers—a mixed bag of movie buffs, TV fans, video game connoisseurs, and casual entertainment consumers. The video-rich site features up-to-date TV and movie news, trailers, and reviews. If you’re looking for coverage of film festivals, movie premieres, San Diego Comic-Con, or even Hollywood red carpets, ScreenRant is the go-to destination. In one year alone, the site logged over 105 million viewers, each spending an average of 3:30 minutes per session.

For parent company Valnet, Inc., video has become a critical component to its brand portfolio, a collection that includes ScreenRant, The Sportster, BabyGaga, The Talko, The Richest, The Things, ComicBookResources and Little Angel. Each brand is strategically positioned to reach a targeted demographic. And as online video consumption continues to explode, Valnet is not only increasing its use of video content to drive audience growth; it's also expanding its reach by adding new brands to its already diverse collection. A site like ScreenRant allows Valnet to attract niche markets that increase overall viewership.

Currently, the company manages a library of more than 10,000 video assets and posts more than 50 videos to their websites daily. But Valnet is moving fast and plans to expand quickly.  According to Angel Berrocal, Valnet Vice President of Video Content, Brightcove Video Cloud enables the company to focus its attention on video production by providing a flexible hosting solution that can scale. With Brightcove in Valnet’s corner, Berrocal believes the company will be able to grow its video content by 75% in the next two years.  

As a digital media publisher, Valnet has a strong understanding of consumer behavior. It’s this exact insight that has helped the company develop an innovative approach to content creation. Valnet tracks and analyzes a wide array of analytics, including viewing trends, platforms, and time spent on pages, and then uses this data to create new and improved content for a better user experience. Now with video fast becoming the most consumed mode of digital content, Valnet is taking advantage of every distribution platform to meet users’ changing expectations about online media.

For more information about Valnet’s pivot toward video content, read the full case study here.