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SPH Boosts Consumer Engagement by 50% with Interactive Video

How do some advertisers manage to break through and make personal connections with their audiences in today's multi-tasking digital environment? Both brands and publishers are exploring the world of interactive technology to help master this challenge and deliver more effective video campaigns. By eliminating the fixed, self-contained element of video and replacing it with more engaging features, brands can make consumers the participants of their own individualized experience. Interactive video, therefore, expands the capabilities of story-driven advertising.

One company that’s embraced interactive video is Singapore Press Holdings, LTD. (SPH), a leading media organization in Asia. Its digital properties include over 25 news, financial, and lifestyle websites, in addition to 50+ mobile apps, each serving targeted markets. With a highly captive, brand-conscious, upwardly-mobile consumer base, SPH provides incredible access for advertising clients to engage with potential customers.

SPH crafted a unique, interactive video campaign for long-standing advertiser, Courts, a leading electrical, IT, and furniture mega-retailer in Southeast Asia. Relying on Brightcove Video Cloud and implementing interactivity from HapYak, the SPH team created a story around a couple shopping for their home redecoration. The video pauses three times, offering viewers different options on what to do next—similar to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

The result was a smashing success. SPH was able to review metrics, including customer conversion, means of conversion, and traffic to Courts’ website, all through Brightcove and HapYak’s built-in measurement and analytics tools. With HapYak’s interactive technology, the commercial gave an episodic feel for viewers, highlighting Courts as an innovative, contemporary brand. In comparison to SPH’s other non-interactive videos, the Courts campaign boasted a 50% increase in viewing time. Not only did the increased engagement boost click-to-purchase rates; it also helped drive customers to the Courts brick-and-mortar megastore for its 10th anniversary celebration.

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