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Social Video: A Mega Trend That Needs Mega Tools

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described video as a ‘mega trend’. I agree with the idea that social video is at an inflection point. There is a steady stream of innovation in the technologies used to produce, distribute, and watch videos on social networks. And the improved availability and performance of these video technologies will lead more people and more brands to choose video for communicating their stories.

But for some publishers and marketers, managing social video stories at such a large scale may present a challenge. Companies will see an unprecedented increase in the number and variety of videos that they will manage. So this mega trend needs some mega tools.

Fortunately, we’ve been working on the problem of managing video publishing at scale for web and mobile. And when we released the Brightcove Social product, we made sure we understood how to adapt our video publishing workflows to social.

One of the key areas we’ve been working on is the Auto Sync feature. This is a feature that lets publishers set up triggers that automatically distribute content to a social network for specific patterns of metadata tags in the video content management system. Since everything is automatic, it is most helpful for companies that depend on publishing a lot of video content onto their social pages (e.g. news media, event marketers, or mission-based organizations).

This month, we’ve added some new options for setting up tag rules. You can even set up a rule to sync your entire CMS catalog of videos to your Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

And we’re including the Auto Sync video content in our publishing view so that you can have one place to see everything that was published either automatically or manually.


Figure 1: Auto sync feed.


Figure 2: A list of synced and manually published videos.


Using Brightcove Social’s Auto Sync feature is just one way that publishers and marketers can scale up their social video communications. We’ll continue to study the exciting innovations in the social video publishing industry as we look for ways to enhance our Brightcove Social product.

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