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1,000 Videos To Watch That Inspire and Educate Dentists Everywhere

Where do 30,000 dental professionals from around the world go to refresh or maintain their certifications?  Las Vegas? Miami? Try again.  This community sinks its teeth into Dentinal Tubules, the premium online educational resource in the dental field.  Dentinal Tubles’ learning portal leverages video content for all things dentistry.

More than 2,000 annual subscribers access the portal to watch its library of 1,000 video lectures, read professional articles, participate in study and discussion groups, and watch livestreams of dental procedures. The first online dental portal to livestream lectures and surgical procedures through their TubulesLive portal, the company now offers interactive clinical discussions, connecting lecturers with international study groups.  

Dental professional must meet Continuing Professional Development or Continuing Education requirements to maintain their professional licenses, but taking take time out from the office to attend lectures can be both difficult and expensive to arrange.  To introduce video technology to the dental industry, Dentinal Tubules founder Dhru Shah leverages Brightcove online video platform and live video streaming solutions, successfully bringing the learning opportunity directly to the dentist.

TubulesLive covers a wide range of topics ranging from “60 Restorative Tips in 60 Minutes” to how utilizing modern digital techniques can help to provide the best possible patient care.  The combination of extensive video content, livestreams, community discussion, and virtual classrooms are driving dentists everywhere to subscribe and contribute to this dynamic organization.

Now, think beyond dentistry. Are you part of a professional association and wonder how you can  better educate your members? Or maybe you want to extend your organization’s current e-learning platform? Video-on-demand and livestream are both great solutions, and as Dentinal Tubules shows us, can be the foundation for inspiration and education.

For more information about Dentinal Tubules’ innovative approach to online video, read the full case study here