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DangerTV May Raise Your Heart Rate, But Not Your Life Insurance Premiums

DangerTV May Raise Your Heart Rate, But Not Your Life Insurance Premiums

If you love to experience thrills, speed, wild weather, extreme feats, and adventure, you do not need to personally engage in those activities or add a rider to your life insurance policy - just watch DangerTV, a niche OTT channel with a rapidly growing following. DangerTV aggregates and curates danger-centric content from around the world, most of which has never been seen before in the United States. All of its content is designed to evoke awe, fear, or both. Believe me when I say that their content elicits all those emotions, and more!   

DangerTV targets millennial and Gen Z males in the U.S. - reportedly numbering near 70 million - who are digitally savvy and highly sought after by advertisers, but are not big fans of cable subscriptions. Its content is extremely viral, as evidenced by the network’s swift success since launch and its 300% increase in views in a single month. Their combination of curated and created shows, short form videos as well as long form videos that cover eight different categories such as crime, war and survival, provides viewers with a wide range of danger-centric viewing to choose from.

The DangerTV brand is clearly resonating with its target audience. More than 200,000 viewers were driven to DangerTV video during one month, largely as as result of a snake encounter video that has logged 2.3 million views to date on DangerTV's Facebook page.

Producing a variety of short form sampler videos for social media channels drives viewers to watch, and a dramatic, cinematic-type viewing experience helps differentiate the brand.

Currently, DangerTV is monetizing its content through advertising sponsorships. This niche video content provider has big plans to integrate multiple types of revenue streams including advertising, subscriptions, and a combination of both.  Making sure their VOD experience rivals top-tier companies is critical not only to meeting viewer expectations, but in attracting advertising sponsorships.

The winning combination for this successful niche OTT channel? Terrific content, a strong and scalable technology platform, a great user experience, and good marketing - and a very generous dose of excitement.

For more information about DangerTV’s innovative approach to creating a successful niche content VOD channel, read the full case study here.