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The 'Float and Park' Player: Don't force your videos to compete with your text

In my role as a Solutions Engineer, I'm often asked by customers about cutting edge implementations and how to improve video experiences on their web properties. One neat implementation that has become more prevalent on the web recently is the 'Float and Park' effect. 

With this technique, the video player is loaded into a fixed position above the fold in a blog post or textual content article. Then, as the viewer scrolls to read the text content, the video player shrinks and floats down the page alongside the text with the reader. 

The obvious benefit of this approach is that the page visitor can continue to watch the video while simultaneously reading the text of the article. Your message gets delivered to your audience in two ways at once! Not to mention, it's a pretty cool effect.

Brightcove's Learning Services team has put together a great step-by-step guide on how to create this experience on your own pages with the Brightcove player. Feel free to take a stab at this on your own, and reach out to your Account Manager if you want any pointers.