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The Inaugural Seattle Video Tech Meetup

Meetup groups have proven to be an invaluable tool for developers to keep up with emerging technologies and discuss best practices. It's also an excellent way to meet new people working on interesting projects and find opportunities to work together.

The SF Video Technology meetup started in 2013 at the Brightcove office in San Francisco, and has since grown into a vibrant community of developers and technologists discussing the latest challenges of delivering video over the web at scale. Since then, we've started similar Meetup groups in Boston and London, and other groups have popped up in SydneyParis, and New York

Last month, we added a new city to the list - on October 26th, we held the first meeting of the Seattle Video Tech meetup here at the Brightcove office in downtown Seattle. I gave an overview of the 2016 Demuxed conference, and Yuriy Reznik talked about the challenges of encoding content for streaming, and detailed strategies for creating adaptive bitrate ladders. Some great discussions on 360 video, VP9, H.265, and future meetup ideas continued on to the bar afterwards. A video of the talks is below.

If you're in Seattle, please do join the Meetup group to receive notifications, and come to a meeting. We'll be announcing our holiday gathering shortly!