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How Dunkin' Brands Determines the ROI of Its In-House Video Production Investment

How Dunkin' Brands Determines the ROI of Its In-House Video Production Investment

I often hear comments from our customers about getting started with video, scaling production, and what options to consider for in-house production.  

On one end, I hear questions such as “How do I get started with video?” or “I don’t have budget to hire local production companies”.  To that point, my recent blog, Building Worldwide Video Capabilities for Less Than $2,500 Per Site focuses on how a leading financial services firm found an innovative – and affordable – way to create video anywhere in the world for approximately  $2,500. As shared in a TedTalk, the video producer’s goal was to provide the company’s local financial services experts with a platform to deliver localized messages in local languages.  He put together a simple, low-cost, portable video kit built around the technology on our phones.

On the other end, customers looking to centralize ask, “How do I justify the investment for in-house production? How do I get my CEO to back an investment for in-house production?” Dunkin’ Brands Director of Corporate Communications Glen Schwartz and Senior Digital Communications Manager Tyler Cyr have both been down that path, and shared with us their journey in moving from a conference room set-up to an in-house, state of the art video production studio.

At first, in what they refer to as their “embryonic stage” of video production, the team held  webcasts at an offsite production facility.  With a bit more experience, the team then bought their own tape camera, a light package, and set up shop in a small conference room at their Canton, Mass. headquarters. After 5 years of steady growth, the team had outgrown the conference room.  Already committed to video, the company invested in a custom-built, full production facility located in their corporate headquarters.

The new 20x20 production space has allowed the Dunkin’ Brands Corporate Communications team to branch out to produce feature productions and more live events. Just the sheer number of videos that the team has been able to bring in-house versus what would have been outsourced is paying back on the company’s investment.

Bringing video in-house has had a measurable impact for Dunkin’ Brands.  They are able to produce increasingly more videos of higher quality, driving internal demand for even more video production. According to Glen and Tyler, the ROI of the company’s investment is looking pretty  Boston Kreme-y.   

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