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Building Worldwide Video Capabilities for Less Than $2,500 Per Site

Building Worldwide Video Capabilities for Less Than $2,500 Per Site

Whether you’re just starting to build video marketing capabilities, or looking to expand your program, I want to share an innovative – and affordable – way for you to create video anywhere in the world.

We tend to think of video production as a lengthy, expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. Technology has evolved, allowing us to capture high-quality video with relatively inexpensive equipment. If you think about it, most of us take and share personal video stories every day, using the HD camera on our phones. We can use the same technology to tell business stories.

This idea came about when one of Brightcove’s customers, a corporate video producer at a leading financial services firm, decided to enable the firm’s global marketing teams to create video. His goal was to provide the company’s local financial services experts with a platform to deliver localized messages, in local languages.  However, he didn’t have the budget to hire local production and editing resources for each of the 13 regional offices.  Instead, he put together a simple, low-cost, portable video kit built around the technology on our phones.

The pre-packaged kit described in this TED talk, includes an iPad Pro with 4K video capability, LED light and stand, green screen, wireless microphone, tripod and mini-teleprompter, all packed into a single case that easily can be shipped anywhere in the world. The kit includes detailed guidelines on how to script and shoot a video. Plus, the video kit costs less than $2,500, far less than it would cost to outsource a day of shooting.

Learn how he did it in the TED talk entitled Bring Out Your Inner Filmmaker.

Anyone, Anywhere Can Create Corporate-Quality Videos

Easy-to-use video production tools help local marketing teams establish local expertise, and rapidly communicate messages.  Local teams can use them to create an array of video content, from video marketing to internal communications, personal sales messages to training programs. Using this simple kit, you can prepare, film, edit and distribute video faster and with more impact than written materials.

Low-Cost Online Video Platform

When it comes time to distribute your videos, Brightcove has a range of online video platform choices  to meet the needs of your organization, from our new starter video platform to our Enterprise online video platform.  Brightcove recognizes that different organizations are at different stages in their video strategy and makes it easy for anyone to start using video. Each edition of our product includes the key technologies to help make you successful, including corporate video portals, secure video playback and the core infrastructure needed to ensure high quality video playback. As you grow and you require more sophisticated features, Brightcove can grow with you and support deeper feature sets and expansion across multiple departments within your organization.