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Dunkin’ Brands: Serving Coffee and Video Across the Country

Need to communicate with and engage your geographically dispersed employees?  Dunkin’ Brands, like many organizations, needs to effectively engage and communicate with its field teams, but also foster a connection with corporate HQ. This can be quite challenging since its employees are spread across the country in different time zones.

Video-on-demand and Live Streaming help Dunkin’ Brands bridge the gap between corporate HQ and remote employees, and help keep employees current with what’s happening in the company. Having Brightcove at the core of its video strategy for internal communications makes its approximately 600 field employees feel more a part of the community at the brand central, and is almost as easy as flipping a switch. Making sure their videos are on-demand guarantees videos are accessible, and makes its videos relevant by using Brightcove’s deep analytics to decide video length.  Using video as part of its mix balances the company’s communications needs and reaches employees in different ways.