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How SAS Uses Video to Humanize Its Software

SAS uses video pervasively to help prospects and clients develop an emotional attachment to its software and brand, to close large distances by bringing its CEO into key sales encounters, and to elevate marketing campaigns. SAS also uses video to show the impact its software can have in critical situations.

It also uses video to take on the complex challenge of marketing software. We rely on software, but it is invisible as a product. However, its benefits are very real. It makes sure our GPS points us in the right direction, it calls our Uber, sends our texts, lets us take a selfie, and can save lives.

A great example of how SAS uses video to humanize its brand is by showing how the International Organization for Migration used SAS’ software to find, acquire, and distribute much-needed resources to 45,000 families living in 200 tent camps in Nepal after a devastating earthquake, saving an untold number of lives.

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