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Delivering More Than Coffee: How Dunkin’ Brands Uses Video to Reach 2,000 Franchisees Around the Globe

Dunkin’ Brands uses video as an essential tool in communicating with its 2,000 Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins brands franchisees. America runs on Dunkin’ - which keeps franchisees, often with multiple store locations dispersed around the globe, a very busy lot.

While each franchisee is unique, Dunkin’ Brands finds video to be an important way to articulate and educate about a particular program or initiative. Consistency is a huge part of the business, and video is more than just  another way to help drive that home. With video, the company is able to personalize the relationship franchisees have with Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO, Nigel Travis, while also giving effective instructionals and explanations about new equipment. Video also allows Dunkin’ Brands to tailor content for franchise owners, crew members, and managers, on a wide variety of platforms.

With a sharp focus on the bottom line for its franchisees, Dunkin’ Brands is able to see an increased level of engagement from its franchisees, increased awareness, greater understanding of programs, and ultimately more pull through in the restaurants by using video to do the storytelling.

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