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Video CVs Streamline Hiring, Drive 30% Growth at Inspiring Interns

Video CVs Streamline Hiring, Drive 30% Growth at Inspiring Interns

Recruitment is one of the most important parts of any organization. It can also be a long and difficult process. Looking over printed resumes and handling phone screens can drag on for weeks or months. Even after all that time and work, there’s always the risk of bringing in candidates whose skills or personalities don’t fit the job or culture, or even worse, losing the perfect candidate because the process drags on too long.

Inspiring Interns, the UK’s leading graduate recruitment agency, is changing the recruitment game with online video. With Inspiring Interns’ signature innovation, the Video CV, the screening process takes days, not weeks. Traditionally, a recruiter will spend 2-4 minutes reading through a paper CV that doesn’t convey the applicant’s personality; a Video CV is about one minute long and is typically able to give employers a sense of the applicant in about 12 seconds.

With an 85% retention rate, Inspiring Interns has more than 2,000 companies using them to recruit.

Inspiring Interns’ process is simple:

  • Applicants create their unique Video CV using their laptop, tablet, or mobile device

  • Inspiring Interns uses Brightcove to publish the Video CVs on its website, social media pages, and  email marketing campaigns

  • The company has a candidate of the day feature on its LinkedIn page and posts links to candidates’ videos on Facebook

Thanks to the Video CV, Inspiring Interns is able to match the right applicant with the right job.

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