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Cirrus Media Boosts Online Viewership by 250% Through Video

Cirrus Media Boosts Online Viewership by 250% Through Video

Media publishers have a long history of adopting new ways to increase audience engagement and drive awareness to their brands, from traditional channels to online, to social media and mobile. Above all these, video has become a holy grail to some publishers looking to amplify coverage of their key events.

Australian business-to-business publisher and events company, Cirrus Media, recognised the importance of leveraging video content to boost audience engagement. With one of its main publications, Pharmacy News, having years of experience creating videos for events such as Australia’s largest pharmacy event, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s annual Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference (APP), Cirrus Media wanted to deliver video content more quickly and simultaneously to ensure optimal engagement and improve ROI.

The team at Cirrus Media needed to streamline the process to produce, edit, and upload videos of interviews and keynote presentations. What used to take hours and even days, needed to be done almost instantaneously after the footage was recorded.

Streamlining Back-end Processes to Create More Engaging Online Experiences

This year, in a bid to increase viewership and engagement around APP, Cirrus Media set to deliver more video content, more quickly — capitalizing on, and continuing the excitement of their event. Moving away from a time-consuming, tedious and costly process, Cirrus Media selected Brightcove’s Video Cloud solution to streamline the video production and publishing workflow.

The results were impressive. Compared to last year, Cirrus Media increased video views across the three full days of the conference by 250 percent. And just on the first day of the APP, views skyrocketed by a whopping 3,200 percent.

What used to take Cirrus Media hours, and even days, to create and publish video content from start to finish, was now done in 10 minutes. This was a great change compared to previous years where videos were published days after the APP — missing on the hype around the event and jeopardising the ROI.

Cirrus Media leveraged Brightcove Video Cloud along with StreamZ, a streaming solutions company for the broadcast industry, to capture huge amounts of content and upload it almost instantaneously. Most of the process was done remotely, reducing the cost of having an entire production team on site.

So once the camera crew uploaded the raw footage to Brightcove Video Cloud, which functioned as a central hub, the rest of the team had access to edit, approve, tag and publish video content. This remote collaboration by the video team allowed easy distribution across platforms, including social media channels.

We live in an ‘always-on’ era where, more than ever people are craving live video and extra content during events. In order to tap into this growing market, media companies are investing their efforts to streamline the processes to create and deliver video content quickly and seamlessly — improving viewership and engagement. It will be interesting to see the continued evolution of video management for content around events.