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VIDEO: How UKTV Leveraged VOD To Drive Growth

Meet Oliver Davies: Head of Digital Products at UKTV and the driver behind digital content for the award-winning UK national broadcaster. UKTV is made up of ten TV channels in total: five available through pay TV, and the other five available free to air.  UKTV Play is the company’s eleventh brand, a video on demand service that extends UKTV’s reach even further, and is achieving rapid growth.

What’s driving this growth?  How does UKTV Play do it?

In this video, learn more about the role VOD plays in UKTV’s strategy and how Davies and his team created UKTV Play, a series of video on demand apps across a range of consumer devices, including web, mobile, YouView and Amazon Fire TV. Adopting a network approach to the products, Davies established UKTV Play as the entry point and aggregator to multi-channel content, where viewers are encouraged to discover content from other channels in the UKTV family. This has resulted in increased engagement, advertising revenue and awareness of the TV channels.

While providing multi-channel content direct to the consumer under the UKTV Play brand, the presentation, and functionality of the apps has been a key factor in UKTV Play’s incredible growth. UKTV has achieved an impressive 80% year-over-year growth in views, and the app has been downloaded more than one million times.

All of this has made UKTV Play a sought after brand of channels with a growing following, and has earned Oliver Davies a spot as one of the Top 50 VOD Professionals for 2016  in the UK.

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