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Headache-free Video Sites. Marketers, You Can Build Yours Now.

Headache-free Video Sites. Marketers, You Can Build Yours Now.

Building out an experience to show off your branded video content can be time-consuming, confusing, and costly. Working with a developer, building out the look and feel of your site, pulling in a video library-- testing, previewing, launching-- whew, it’s a lot!  Not to mention, you have to take into account video SEO and mobile responsiveness, ensuring it’s accessible and looks great across all devices. 

Overwhelmed by the details yet? Well, we’ve got some good news. Building out superior video experiences just got a whole lot easier.

Brightcove Gallery enables you to quickly and easily publish beautiful video experiences while taking advantage of our built-in marketing best practices. It requires little-to-no technical skill for marketers who have great ideas but don’t want to get bogged down in the details.  From idea conception to launch, Gallery enables you to put your best foot forward with easy-to-launch, beautiful and high-performing experiences. 

Getting the right content to the right user at the right time results in higher engagement, conversion, and retention. Top content producers and marketers know that delivering relevant experiences drives success. Personalizing your video marketing efforts with consideration to the customer journey is not only possible, it is easy. Let us show you how.

Name Video Site Domains and Multiply Campaigns.

We’ve introduced three new aspects of our Custom Domain feature to help Brightcove customers easily publish relevant and targeted content experiences.

Customize Your Video Site without IT 
Yes, you read that right. We feel your relief. If you’re  getting started with Gallery for the first time or choose not to incorporate your own domain upon setup, we now offer two domain options for you to use and go live with instantly: and You can now simply select one of these domains, add in an easy to remember prefix - like your company name or the name of your campaign - then assign it to your site and go live immediately. Your new video content site is now live in minutes without any IT resources!

More Video Sites. Same Domain. 
Ever want to build out more than one video landing page, broadening the experience and journey from just your main content library? Well, now you can. We’re also excited to introduce the ability to add paths to your Gallery domains. Whether you’re using a Brightcove provided domain or one of your own, you can expand your video experience by leading your prospects through the appropriate paths. This features allows you to setup your domain once and then build as many Gallery sites as you need, branching off from the same domain.  

Now, instead of having to set a different domain for every single one of those sites, setup a domain once, such as, and continue to branch out from there with subfolders:;,,

Remember, it’s about getting the right content to the right user at the right time. With this new functionality, you can easily spin up a variety of Gallery experiences personalized for your different audiences. You as the marketer can fill it with relevant content without any technical help, all while keeping video marketing assets on brand. It’s a powerful feature that allows you to take your video experiences even further. 

Same Video Experience. Different Subdomains. All On Your Branded Site.
As you’re expanding your video experience, you can also assign multiple URLs to one Gallery site. This is a great tool if your sites need to be published to multiple domains.  For example, if you’re a sports franchise and you have teams all across the US, you can build one Gallery site with localized video collections. You can then assign the site multiple URLs specific to each team/region. Like,,, While these subdomains all live on your branded site, curated video collections ensure content specific to each team’s need.  Multiple URLs all directed to one Gallery experience - what a win. You’ve quickly and easily expanded your site’s reach!

Take a look at the brief video above or these support links for how to implement these features on your site.

Configuring Custom Domains and SSL

Assigning a Custom Domain to a Gallery Site

Preview, Collaborate, and Share Video Projects with Privacy

The ease of use we’ve built into Gallery allows you to create marketing content without restriction. Well, except when you need to actually restrict access. So while creation and distribution is easy, we’ve made viewing more private. Adding the new Access Code feature allows you to quickly limit access to your published site by putting it behind a passcode. This is a great tool to use when you’re still building your site. You can publish your video experience while it’s still under construction, test the functionality, and tweak the look and feel -- without any prying eyes. So, if someone accidently stumbles onto your site, they’re  prevented from viewing your work in progress. It’s also great for internal sharing and collaboration in order to get feedback from a specific team. Looking for a secure site? Don’t forget that Brightcove offers SSO and IP restriction to securely grant/restrict access to your site.

Take a look at the brief video above or these support links for how to implement these features on your site.

Configuring Access Control Profiles

Controlling Access to Gallery Sites

These features are available for you to use in Gallery today! Not sure where to start? Here are some steps to get you started--

1. Build out a Gallery site with a few of your videos


2. Enable our new features, creating a new home for your video experiences.

3. Collaborate with your team members in our private access mode/module before going live.

4. Publish your new video site.

5. Sit back and smile!  You dreamt it, you built it. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

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