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Marketplace is Open for Business

Marketplace is Open for Business

One of the most talked about announcements at PLAY 2016, the new video content “Marketplace”, is live. Built into our Video Cloud platform by our partner, Vemba, media companies using it now have:

  • An opportunity to easily acquire new content and expand their video libraries
  • An additional way to generate revenue through syndication and distribution.

I want to use this post to explain why we’ve invested in this partnership and what some of the main benefits are of the Marketplace.  We’re also embedding a video below of the introduction of Marketplace from PLAY.

Brightcove is fortunate to have earned a base of customers that can command high video advertising CPMs due to the quality of their content and the “well-lit” branded environments they provide their users across platforms.  A lot of these publishers are fairly sold out and wish to scale their video inventory through extending the reach of their videos (and ad tags) to other similarly well-lit publishers’ sites.

They also seek to augment their own video libraries to be able to make video a more central component of the user experience on site.  Just last week I heard a senior tech leader share that a goal for his organization is to have videos on between 60 and 70 percent of their article pages.  Not every operation can ramp original content production to meet a target like that.

The question we grappled with on behalf of our customers was how to extend the capabilities of Video Cloud to address our customers’ need to increase sellable inventory and the answer is Marketplace.

The Vemba Platform & Partnership

Here are four of the things our customers will really appreciate about the workflow with Vemba:

  1. Flexibility: Vemba offers your syndication business a number of models to choose from when you cut a deal with a partner. You can syndicate out your content on a revenue share basis.  You can offer a CPM to a partner who runs your video with your ad tags.  You can require a CPM from your licensee as they run their ads against your video. Use your video in your player with your ad tags or with your partner selling against it. There’s a technical solution available for most every approach.  The business rules available for scheduling or around restricting buyers or geographies are also terrific.
  2. Selection: You can browse the content that is already available in the Marketplace - names like Tribune, Time Inc, CBS, Mashable, VICE, Conde Nast among others.  High-quality publishers with brand-safe, high-quality video content.  There are some great tools available for editors when they’re shopping for content too, such as simply naming a URL and receiving a list of videos that might be a fit to place in that context.
  3. Simplicity:  Brightcove is a platform with robust APIs and credit is due to the Vemba team for leveraging them to enable their marketplace’s functionality to be fully accessible to our customer base right from inside the Video Cloud studio.  With Video Cloud being “mission control” for our customers’ video businesses, we felt we needed to bring syndication and acquisition in as seamlessly as possible which led to Marketplace being the first time that a 3rd-party module has been developed with our studio SDK inside of our product.   It’s also valuable to our customers that they can use their own player, as configured, with content they acquire from - or provide to - the marketplace.  
  4. Additional Analytics: Our customers will want to know how their syndication business is doing and the transparent and real-time nature of the data in the analytics tab within Marketplace will provide this view.  

Seeing as we’re all in the video business here, let’s let the brief walkthrough from PLAY give you more of a feel for the solution in action.  We hope you are able to grow your business with Marketplace and encourage you to reach out to the Brightcove team with any questions along the way.


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