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Observations from Brightcove event PLAY - Day 2

Observations from Brightcove event PLAY - Day 2

Following a great opening day, PLAY was in full swing on its second day. The second day was more focused on technology, with the Brightcove team offering over 15 different technical sessions to advance your knowledge in video. 

The morning offered an update of Brightcove’s latest CMS integrations and best practices. The sessions covered everything from CMS partners to the value of CMS integrations, and how to harness them to achieve your business goals. The Brightcove team then dove into customizing your native app’s player experience using Brightcove SDKs with real-life examples of native mobile applications developed using the Brightcove platform. The product management team also joined in on the fun to provide the latest tips and tricks on using the new Video Cloud platform. Two things that stood out were the new custom sharing buttons and catalog system. There were also great insights into the way Brightcove Global Services approaches player customization projects.

On top of the advanced technology updates, attendees had the chance to get their heads around creating a strategy that mapping business goals and KPIs, creating workflows, integrating with Brightcove, and creating the necessary metrics and analytics that would allow them to map their revenue strategy. Marketing automation was also a high priority for our Heads of Digital Marketing who were taken through our latest tool - Audience - with best-practice marketing scenarios and analyzing metrics.

Another important topic for Brightcove customers was monetizing their use of video content,  with the use of server side ad-insertion to thwart ad-blockers in desktop and mobile experiences being a hot topic. Another hot topic was security and workflows. Since your content is your most valuable asset, the panel discussed the security options our attendees could use to protect their content and gain peace of mind.

Many of our customers start with a small amount of content and then grow it exponentially. A great example of this is the Red Bull Media House from Austria, which now host 22,000 videos! Scaling such a large number of videos can be quite a challenge, and one of the afternoon sessions explored how you can scale production with workflow enhancements and organize your content for both the front and back end!

So, if you missed out this year and you need to include Video in your overall marketing and content strategy, whether you use it for monetization or as part of your marketing demand generation strategy, PLAY is definitely the place to be, so don’t miss out next year