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Meet the Speaker: Gilles Domartini

Meet the Speaker: Gilles Domartini

We have assembled an amazing roster of speakers for this year’s PLAY sessions, and cannot wait to get started on May 16th. You can view the full agenda here. If you did not score a ticket to this year’s event, we encourage you to get on our mailing list for the PLAY 2017

In this blog, we are featuring Gilles Domartini, CEO and Founder of Cleeng, a long-standing partner of Brightcove. We are very glad Gilles will share his industry expertise at this year’s event, where he will be presenting with other executives on Day 1. 

[Britta] Gilles, you are the CEO and Founder at Cleeng. The company's tagline is "Sell your videos. Live and On-Demand". What does that actually mean, and how does it fit in with Brightcove’s products and services?

[Gilles] Developing successful e-commerce solutions has always been at the heart of my career at Apple and Philips prior to founding Cleeng. Applying the good recipes that I have learned along the way is certainly the reason why Cleeng is recognized as a leading platform for selling premium videos today. In a nutshell, the Cleeng platform manages the authentication, the protection and the commercialization of videos through Live Pay-Per-View or Subscription VOD.

Brightcove is one of our very first partners. We've teamed up for the past four years years to enable leading brands like ONE Championship™, Cirque du Soleil, CoxHub and many others to easily deploy a robust and cost-effective OTT solution that delivers a seamless viewer experience on any device and boosts our joint client’s ROI.

We were at NABSHOW last week and it was great to witness the successful launch of Brightcove OTT Flow. We are thrilled to be part of this disruptive out-of-the-box solution, as Cleeng provides an advanced SVOD management for Brightcove's OTT Flow.

[B] At PLAY, you will be speaking on the "Running A Successful OTT Service" panel together with Titus Bicknell from RLJ Entertainment and John Hogan from Stan. What can attendees expect from this panel?

[G] Setting up an OTT service comes with many challenges that can be underestimated. Broadcasters foresee challenges related to payment handling, but these are only the visible part of the iceberg! What about the authentication across devices? What about promotional activities? How will you ensure the security of your stream or avoid fraudulent activities? How will you deal with end user support and financial reporting?

This is where Cleeng can help as we have built a strong expertise, tackling these challenges for hundreds of broadcasters worldwide. At PLAY, I will be very happy to share our insights, and explain very concretely how we have supported brands and broadcasters like CoxHub to:

  • Deploy an OTT service in one or multiple countries within weeks
  • Allow maximum flexibility integrating branding, promotional and reporting tools
  • Bring high return on investment, while easily managing and growing the subscriber base

[B] Your company is located in the Netherlands, so we are so happy to see you’ll jump the puddle to join us at PLAY. What are you looking forward to at the event?

[G] Cleeng is headquartered in Amsterdam — a truly charming European city I encourage you to visit! We do about 70% of our business in the U.S. and we have an office in New York City. PLAY is the perfect stage to share our experience and discuss the huge opportunity that OTT represents for broadcasters and media groups eager to increase their reach and revenue.




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