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Meet The Speaker: Amanda Brouillette

Meet The Speaker: Amanda Brouillette

Coca Cola is known for its innovative, engaging and fun video ads that often feature well-known actors, performers and musicians. However, what is lesser known is that Coca Cola also has a pioneering strategy on how to engage employees via video. This service, Coke Video, is what we spoke to Amanda Brouillette about in anticipation of her speaking engagement at the show.

[Britta] Amanda, you are a Business Analyst at Coca Cola. Can you tell us a little about your daily responsibilities and how online video fits into it? 

[Amanda] I wear a lot of hats on my team, ranging from financial analysis to day-to-day operations. For Coke Video, a service line we launched last year, I work regularly with many “clients” – various departments within the Coca-Cola Company, as well as individual executives – to make sure their video projects are completed to their satisfaction. We are on-boarding new clients regularly and constantly looking for new and exciting uses for video. My team is also able to contribute to The Coca-Cola Company’s internal and external communications strategy. Video is increasingly a part of effective communications, so that’s very exciting.

[B] At PLAY, you will be participating in a panel entitled "Increasing Employee Engagement Via Video." What can attendees expect to learn?

[A] Attendees will hear a bit about why we started Coke Video and our future plans as we work with new clients to develop new and exciting ways to use video.  I think the biggest takeaway will be about how powerful, in-depth metrics have influenced video production and increased employee engagement. I am passionate about how the numbers can help us be more creative and effective, so I’m looking forward to diving into that topic.

[B] I believe this is your first PLAY event. What are you looking forward to the most? 

[A] Yes, it is! I’ve never been to Boston before, so that’s certainly exciting for me.  I’m very interested in hearing about best practices from experts who have been engaged in video for a while, about uses for video and how to put it to work.  As we implement an enterprise video strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, it will be very helpful to gather input and ideas from other leading organizations.