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Live Streaming Keynotes For IT Professionals At DrupalCon 2016

Live Streaming Keynotes For IT Professionals At DrupalCon 2016

DrupalCon is a triannual event located in various locations around the world. The event is hosted by the Drupal Association and brings together people who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal platform to exchange ideas and best practices in content management. The New Orleans’ DrupalCon is the premier event for the Drupal community with over 3,000 attendees expected.

Brightcove is excited to sponsor DrupalCon 2016 as the official live stream provider for all of the keynotes at DrupalCon. The live video content will be delivered using Brightcove’s Live Module, our out-of-the-box solution to produce live event HD streaming. Watch Live Now!

Brightcove’s work with Drupal doesn’t stop there. Quickly read how Brightcove’s open source connector for Drupal 8 will benefit your organization.

Video is a core part of your website content strategy, so it’s important to build video into your content workflows. With the Brightcove connector for Drupal 8, video publishing is completely managed inside Drupal’s interface. Because it is open source, your IT developers can customize the connector to fit your organization’s unique workflows. These systems are built with the idea of empowering the content creators to upload, manage and publish content without IT’s help. Read more: Better Video Authoring Workflow and Playback Experience in Drupal 8.

Want to build live streaming into your Drupal workflow? Now you can. In the past, live streaming content was an IT nightmare and an expensive proposition. Brightcove’s live stream for DrupalCon only takes one person with a laptop at the event to produce. With the combination of custom workflows built in Drupal and out-of-the-box live streaming tools, live event streaming is much more accessible and a marketer can run the entire event. Brightcove’s platform removes the dependency on IT and empowers content marketers to produce more at much lower costs.

You can learn more about Brightcove’s open source Drupal 8 connector here. If you would like to meet us at DrupalCon, our partner Pronovix will be hosting a session on Brightcove’s integration with Drupal.