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Brightcove PLAY 2016 - Takeaways

Brightcove PLAY 2016 - Takeaways

With Brightcove PLAY 2016 in the rearview mirror, you’re likely back in your daily routine and thinking about how you can leverage video to add to your company’s bottom line. Regardless of how you are using video or what industry you’re in, here are a few takeaways from PLAY that anyone can use:

  1. Video is everywhere - it’s as ubiquitous as text on the web. Your kids are watching it on their iPhone, your friends are live streaming soccer matches, and your neighbors are looking at How-To-videos to get a lawn that outshines yours. You’re buying shoes from the latest runway shows and talking about House of Cards, Transparent, and other on-demand shows. Video comprises the majority of traffic on the web and is exploding on mobile devices and social networks.

  2. User experience is paramount for video. If you improve the end user experience, you get more views, longer view times, more engagement, and more return viewers. Performance is critical, especially on mobile devices, but you can’t forget about beautiful experiences that engage audiences and keep them on your site either. You also need to look at the quality of the video and the stream, all while tracking the underlying data to monitor and optimize what your viewers are seeing.

  3. The evolution of online video has brought increased complexity. You were already dealing with new devices, formats, platforms, and security standards. In the past year, though, things have become even more complex because you need to worry about distribution endpoints, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, outside your own properties. To stay ahead of the new technologies arriving yearly, monthly, or weekly on the market, you need a video platform that keeps things as simple as possible and lets you focus on what matters, content, and audience.

  4. The exponential growth of live video online has opened up new business opportunities. From sports and gaming to customer conferences and employee meetings it’s easier to use than you think.  With today’s technology, there might even be opportunities for you to also use live content as on-demand assets. All this can be packaged up for the viewer to create powerful pre- and post-event experiences. The options for integrating live video are almost limitless.

  5. You can’t talk about video today without mentioning Over the Top (OTT) video. While giants like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now dominate the conversation surrounding OTT, hundreds if not thousands of smaller OTT offerings have emerged over the last two years. These smaller services can target a larger audience and feed them a wide range of content, ranging from services targeting broad audiences with broad content to services targeting niche audiences with niche content. OTT services are capable of using a variety of business models including ad-supported, subscription, transactional, or a combination. As different as these smaller services can be, they all face the same unique challenge: they don’t have the time or the financial resources the major players do to get their content to market. The challenge is how to help them get their content up and running quickly, affordably, and with the quality they need to succeed.

  6. Ad blockers are impeding. With publishers trying to learn the best way to monetize their content in today’s changing landscape, they face two interconnected problems: delivering a good TV-like experience that won’t alienate viewers and dealing with ad blockers as the technology becomes more mainstream. With some publishers reporting 30%, 40%, or even 50% of their audiences using ad blockers, it becoming impossible for them to run their businesses.

  7. Marketers are just scratching the surface in their use of video. If you are a digital marketer, you must take advantage of the power of video by incorporating it into your marketing campaigns and measuring its success. You’re already short-handed, so you need a video platform that makes all of this very easy and does not require a big development staff.

  8. Video is effective across every function in an organization. You can use video to engage your audience at every stage of the customer journey, but you can also use it to engage your workforce Challenge yourself to expand your video efforts to achieve organizational goals.  

To learn more about how Brightcove can help you address some of these takeaways, check out the following resources:

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