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Brightcove Adds Content Marketplace To Video Cloud

Brightcove Adds Content Marketplace To Video Cloud

One exciting announcement from PLAY 2016 centers around a new content marketplace that is going to be part of Video Cloud.  It’s part of a partnership that we developed with Vemba allowing Brightcove customers to scalably syndicate and distribute video to third party sites while also being able to add great video content to their owned and operated properties. Here's a blurb from Brightcove's press release: 

With the scarcity of premium video inventory in today’s market, Brightcove’s media customers seek access to additional video content for their own properties as well as the opportunity to generate additional revenue from their content through distribution and syndication.  Vemba provides a premium video marketplace and distribution platform which enables content owners to efficiently and transparently monetize video across all platforms with complete control over rights, economics and branding. Brightcove's enterprise media customers will have direct access to the Vemba content marketplace functionality from within Video Cloud.

Check out the release here

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