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Becoming Tomorrow's Marketer: Lessons from Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit

Becoming Tomorrow's Marketer: Lessons from Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit

Last week, Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit brought together over 6,000 Marketo experts and digital marketing thought leaders from around the world for four action-packed days of education, live sessions, and peer interactions. The energy at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was contagious, with over 150 exhibitors and 75 sessions built for the passionate, forward-thinking marketers of marketing nation. The conference covered everything from content formulas and personalization to predictive marketing and account-based marketing (ABM), but the theme of Tomorrow’s Marketer was present throughout.

According to Marketo Chairman & CEO Phil Fernandez, marketers are tasked with identifying the right technology to reach and engage with customers and prospects. After selecting the right technology, marketers must now examine interactions and behavioral data to align sales-readiness indicators with marketing campaigns whether they be on search, social, email or paid media. Don’t know where to start? Video marketing, especially when coupled with marketing automation, allows marketers to build long-term, personal relationships with customers and prospects. The tools to become Tomorrow’s Marketer are readily available, but many marketers are still learning how to best put these technologies into practice.

While sponsoring Marketing Nation Summit, we had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of marketers eager to discover how to kickstart or improve their video marketing strategies through marketing automation. We answered a lot of questions, but the following were top-of-mind:

  1. How do I embed video within new and existing campaigns?
  2. What are the possibilities with video and marketing automation?
  3. Which engagement metrics and video analytics do I have access to through Brightcove’s platform?
  4. How do I use video viewership data to customize my campaigns?
  5. How do I personalize the video content experience to engage with my customers and prospects on an individual level?

That leads us to one more question -- How does tomorrow’s marketer speak to tomorrow’s customer? We can take advantage of today’s sophisticated marketing technology to honor the customer experience paramount while building future relationships. After all, marketers now own the whole customer journey. Marketing automation paired with video viewership insights assist today’s marketer by providing behavioral data. It’s the job of tomorrow’s marketer to interpret this information and pivot appropriately.

Marketers are a critical competitive weapon. We left Marketing Nation Summit feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to help Tomorrow’s Marketers increase their video effectiveness. Marketo shed light on the importance of account based marketing, marketing automation, and interpreting the analytics gained through new marketing technologies. As marketers, we own the customer journey, and have a medium as powerful as video to help us navigate this path.

Want to learn more about how video data and marketing automation can help you craft your most powerful 1:1 conversations yet? Continue the conversation, and sign up for our webinar.  (Marketo Automation)

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