Live-Streaming Keynotes for Marketers at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience

Live-Streaming Keynotes for Marketers at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience

Brightcove has big plans for Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience this week in Las Vegas, NV, and we want you to join us wherever you are.

First things first. Brightcove has been chosen as the live stream provider for the Modern Marketing Experience 2016 keynote, powering the extension of modern marketing insights to audiences worldwide. The live content will be delivered using Brightcove Gallery, Brightcove’s solution to publish live event experiences for each stage of the live event lifecycle.

You may be thinking “live streaming for marketers, eh? Why would I want to do that and, even if I do, isn’t it too complicated?” Let’s take this in two parts.

Live streaming is a very effective marketing tool.

  1. Live video experiences expand your audience. An expanded audience means expanded opportunities for conversion. Brightcove customer Sotheby’s has begun providing live-streaming auctions around the world. This broadens global audience reach, modernizes a centuries-old brand with a mobile-friendly experience, and increases revenue. No longer do customers need a physical presence at the auction house to participate, meaning Sotheby’s auctions become accessible to a new customer base.
  2. Live video delivers authentic, exciting engagements. HUGO BOSS creates live- streaming fashion shows, using Brightcove to follow a major fashion house trend. Online viewers can now have the catwalk sideline experience. Many other customers use live streaming to connect viewers with company executives and thought leaders.
  3. Live video edited into snackable video content is what today’s online audiences crave. Video on demand edited from live stream content extends the value of live event investments, by creating content for weeks, months, or even years later. By adding interactivity and embedding content into shoppable players, like our customer Michael Hill, brands make the online shopping experience both informative and fun for shoppers.  Short videos created from footage of a previously live event turn into extremely effective advertising for future events. The same video clips can be used effectively at various stages of the customer journey.

Which leads us to:

Live streaming does not have to be complicated or resource intensive.

  1. With the increase in affordable video production equipment, and the availability of high-end easy-to-use consumer options, live streaming is no longer for large enterprises only. All it takes is a little bit of production know-how and you’re ready to go!

Customers like SXSW and SilverLine Global are using live streaming to create new business models and compelling online experiences. And they’re doing it using video platform tools that are easy to use, as well workflows that are both easily repeatable and resource friendly. SXSW and Brightcove partnered to stream over 60 live sessions to viewers around the world, and then created on-demand content in Gallery video portals for later use. SilverLine Global is delivering on their mission to “connect brands and athletes in their moment” and changing the world of sports sponsorships, making it easy for event organizers to launch their own video portal experiences using live and on-demand content.

The opportunities for marketers in live streaming abound. By using live streaming experiences created from templated websites that are optimized for video, the live streaming benefits are not hard to achieve for your own company. As with SilverLine Global, Brightcove’s Gallery Live combination of templated web pages and live streaming allows SMBs and enterprises to quickly, easily create these marketing opportunities without relying on web team and IT resources.

Check out our live stream of Oracle Modern Marketing Experience to get a feel for what you can achieve at your company.

For those attending Oracle’s event this week in person, come see us at Booth #21. Or attend our presentation on April 27th, 1:1 Digital Conversations With Video: Marketing Automation, Interactivity, and Personalization with information and insights from Jennifer Whitney of Wiley. If you have any interest in or questions about integrating video marketing into your company strategies, stop by and talk to Brightcove!

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