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The 4 Aces of Video Marketing

The 4 Aces of Video Marketing

Whether your video marketing is nascent or more advanced, there are four practices that will transform your video from just another piece of content to an effective marketing tool. So today, in partnership with the Oracle Marketing Cloud team, we’re releasing our 4 Aces of Video Marketing brief that details why and how to use these four winning video marketing tactics. As modern marketers, you should

  1. Integrate video into your marketing automation platform
  2. Provide interactivity within your video
  3. Apply video for personalized marketing
  4. Live stream video to capitalize on the excitement of your events.

As you follow these practices and generate great results, you’ll see why video is so uniquely suited to complement current video marketing trends.

Ace Your Strategy

Integrating video with your marketing automation platform allows you to combine video’s deep analytics with marketing automation to help you define the individual who is viewing your videos as well as that person’s needs and interests.  

Interactivity is a second Ace for video marketers. A savvy marketer can use interactivity to both define the individual and gain insight into that person’s specific interest areas. This insight allows marketers to serve more personalized content or to identify the best follow-up protocol, all of which yields better conversion.

The next winning card is using video for data-driven lead nurture and personalization. Video engagement data such as plays, duration, and next actions helps you determine the viewer’s interests and personalize future interactions. There are many levels of personalization: site level experiences, to curated Account Based Marketing (ABM)-focused video, to in-video personalization. One of our travel industry customers personalizes content at the website level, ensuring that site visitors receive personalized, relevant content. The site presents videos of specific destinations based on an individual’s site activity. For example, a visitor who looks at water travel and France might be served video of an excursion on the Seine or cruise along the French Riviera. In this way, the travel company is always surfacing content of interest to their site visitors, and their site experience is of high value to visitors.

Expanding on the topic of interactivity and personalization, what could be closer to human interaction than live streamed video? By watching events as they unfold, the viewers are caught up in the moment and feel a part of the live experience. Thanks to the evolution of technology and the decrease in the cost of equipment, live streaming is much more simple than most people think and thus, it’s increasingly part of a complete video marketing strategy. In addition to the live stream, savvy marketers will serve up a live stream experience that incorporates pre-event opportunities such as countdowns, calendars, and social sharing. Then move on to the live event itself in high quality across all devices with continued social interaction. The final live streaming stage is a post-event experience featuring edited video on-demand from the live stream, related content, lead capture, and calls-to-action.

Download our 4 Aces of Video Marketing guide for much more information on how to deal yourself and your company a winning marketing hand.


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