Video Marketing Mentors: Video Analytics

Today’s blog post on Video Analytics, is the 3rd installment of our six-part Video Marketing Mentor series. These posts are filled with choice nuggets of marketing wisdom from Uberflip, MarketingProfs, Oracle, LinkedIn, eMarketing, and more, to provide guidance and tactical direction for your video marketing programs in 2016 - and beyond.

In part 1 and part 2 of the series, we investigated why marketers should use video and how to start video marketing. This installation explores how marketers are able to change the discussion on video marketing from “budget” to “ROI” via metrics and analytics. By tying video performance to its impressive metrics and highlighting how those metrics impact the business bottom line, video marketers are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. When you connect your video analytics to a marketing automation system, you have a demand generation machine.

Our Video Marketing mavens from such diverse companies as eMarketer, Oracle, Aetna, and TopRank Marketing sat down to talk with Brightcove about the way video metrics can give you deep insight into viewer engagement in a way that other formats such as PDFs can’t possibly do. By reviewing metrics such as the number of views a video receives, the length of time people view, what they are consuming and where they drop off, marketers are able to revise their strategies and determine new best practices.

Video analytics enable marketers to move from intuition to informed decisions and to prove the business results of your marketing efforts.

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