Video Marketing and “The Story of Content”

As video marketers step boldly into 2016, we at Brightcove are offering a series of Video Marketing Mentor insights captured in the last months of 2015. These nuggets of marketing wisdom are offered to you, our reader, as a foundation of thought leadership and tactical direction for your video marketing programs in 2016 and beyond.

Our friends at Content Marketing Institute produced an insightful documentary entitled The Story of Content; noting content marketing’s roots, how it has progressed to current day, and where it is moving in the near future. The film is a must-see for marketers seeking to tell their brands’ stories in compelling and effective ways. Brightcove is proud to be the Executive Producer of this documentary. We captured nuggets of video marketing wisdom from attendees at the documentary premiere at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in September.

View the video marketing focused insights above, and then go to CMI’s site to view the documentary and receive a deep dive into content marketing history and best practices.

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