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Meet HapYak at Brightcove PLAY 2016

Meet HapYak at Brightcove PLAY 2016

This week in our partner series leading up to PLAY, we are highlighting HapYak, a fellow Boston-area company, that focuses on interactive video.

The team at HapYak believes that every video should be interactive. Through interactive templates and robust APIs, HapYak solutions enable customers to turn every one of their Brightcove videos into highly-effective marketing assets that convert viewers into leads and leads into customers. I spoke with Cass Sapir, Customer Success Director. Cass is a documentary TV producer turned startup founder and entrepreneur. He believes that technology exists to free up time for those who use it - and that free time is better spent playing, socializing, and enjoying life. He was also an Emmy nominee for his research for the film "NOVA: Crash of Flight 111."

[Britta] How does HapYak help video publishers and marketers?

[Cass] HapYak is Interactive Video for Brightcove.  Publishers and marketers can now easily add interactions to all their videos, and we provides analytics that measure engagement, lead intelligence, and conversion. Now digital marketers can increase the impact of video and measure the strongest signals from their audience interactions.

Marketers can quickly and easily add Calls-to-Action, Forms, Polls/Surveys, Links, Chapter Menus and Hot-Spots to their videos across all versions of the Brightcove player. They can send viewer interaction data directly to Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, and other Marketing Automation Platforms, Web Analytics and Back Office platforms to increase Lead Quality, MQLs and Conversion Rates.

[B] What can you tell us about sponsoring PLAY?

[C] HapYak is excited to be sponsoring PLAY this year.  Video continues to evolve and Interactivity is a major influencer in the current evolution.  HapYak has had the pleasure of working with a number of Brightcove customers over the last few years and we look forward to meeting and discussing video with many others at PLAY this year.

[B] Can you describe what PLAY is like in three words?

[C] Exciting, Informative, Interactive.

[B] What can people expect when they visit your booth?

[C] At our booth you’ll see the best interactive video examples from joint customers like Intel Security, Oracle, and Merck.  You’ll get access to the latest benchmarks and best practices around interactive video and video marketing, and you’ll leave with a strategy and playbook to test interactive video with your Brightcove videos.

[B] Any fun recommendations for what people could do while in Boston?

[C] I have three for you:

  1. Walk along the Harborway taking in the many sites of Boston and Boston Harbor on their way over to the North End for a traditional Italian dinner.  Don’t forget to stop by Paul Revere’s house while you’re there.

  2. Take in a Red Sox game and check out the Bleacher Bar in Center Field. Tip: Get there early on Game Days to get a seat at the window.

  3. Check out one of the many museums in Boston - such as the JFK Presidential Library or the MIT Technology & Robot Museum.

Join Cass and  our other technology partners at Brightcove PLAY on May 16th, 2016 in Boston. The event is free for existing Brightcove customers. If you would like to participate, request an invite by emailing us at