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TV, Disrupted: A World of Video Choices Opens Up

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Brightcove’s own Mike Green, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Media, participated in a lively panel discussion at Harvard Business School on Monday evening, “TV Disrupted: A World of Video Choices Opens Up.” Led by Will Richmond, Editor and Publisher for Videonuze, the panel also included Kevin Casey, President, Northeast Division for Comcast, Bob Higgins, Managing Partner for Causeway Partners, and Bre Rossetti, VP of Strategy & Innovation for Havas Media.

Hosting the event at HBS enabled a classroom feel that resulted in a lot of interactivity and questions from the audience. The conversation focused on the rapid evolution of the TV industry, the implications for broadcasters, advertisers, and consumers, and what business models will succeed in this new landscape. From how legacy TV networks can compete with SVOD services to the relentless consumer demand for more customization and personalization, the discussion covered the key opportunities and challenges facing a variety of different players in the TV ecosystem as they look ahead to 2016. 

Brightcove also powered the live stream of the event on Monday night. Thanks to the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of Boston for engaging us and, for those who missed it, enjoy the archive of the discussion.

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