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STV: Delivering on a Digital Video Declaration

Brightcove CTO Albert Lai sat down with Remi Brunier, Product Owner for STV, a few weeks ago at IBC for a fireside chat on “The Changing OTT Landscape.” STV, one of Scotland’s leading broadcasters, currently reaches approximately 3.6M viewers each month. The focus of the conversation was STV’s bold public proclamation back in 2011 that one-third of the company’s revenue would come from digital by the end of 2016. This represented a significant shift in strategy for the company who at the time was seeing 90% of their revenue from broadcast. For media and content companies struggling with similar questions, hear from Remi in the clip above on the specific business objectives STV is focused on to achieve this goal and how they are approaching shifting their audience from TV to digital.  

Next, the conversation moved into more specifics about how STV has progressed against their goal.  In the clip below, learn about the successes (user registration, monetization of live content) and the challenges (marketing STV’s connected living room experience on consoles and Smart TVs).


Lastly, the discussion shifted to a survey Brightcove released during IBC that revealed surprising findings about consumer tolerance for advertising. This led to a conversation about the rise in the usage of ad blockers globally, and how STV, which is 100% ad-supported, is addressing this issue.


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